Lactation support in your home or virtual

I am fully vaccinated against COVID, including all the boosters, and the flu. I will continue to wear my mask probably forever. If anyone in the house has any symptoms, including fever, sneezing, coughing, vomiting or diarrhea, please disclose this and we will reschedule. I also offer telehealth.

Prenatal classes and infant consults

Personalized prenatal classes are either virtual or in home. In about a 90 minute class, we will go over all of your breastfeeding questions and lay the foundation for getting you off to a good start. I can also teach colostrum hand expression. If you had a rocky first experience with an older child, this is a great opportunity to troubleshoot and prepare for the second go round.

Breastfeeding consults last about two hours and can be virtual or in your home.

Breastfeeding is normal, and yet it can be challenging. Sometimes families need help. Either virtually, using my secure, online portal MilkNotes, or in your home, I work with you, your support team, and your baby/babies until you feel like you’ve figured things out. I’m experienced with helping parents with sore nipples, engorged breasts, fussy babies, babies who won’t latch, slow weight gain, low milk supply, pumping, oversupply, and the baby (or parent) who are just a hot mess and need a compassionate, listening ear.

My goal is to help you identify your breastfeeding or chestfeeding goals and to help you reach them in the most practical and pragmatic way possible. I have a specific interest and focus on families with low milk supply. Low milk supply can result from many things– breast augmentation or reduction, medical conditions, or birth interventions. Sometimes the cause is impossible to pinpoint. I am fascinated with teasing out the cause of low milk supply to target treatment properly. Gently helping families come to terms with low milk supply and with feeding their baby in many different ways is something I truly cherish. In contrast, I have a lot of interest in and experience with oversupply. Whatever you throw at me, I can help.

Families often call me a few days after their baby is born when breast tissue is painfully engorged. I have specific, hands on training in relieving severe edema. It is incredibly rewarding to walk in to a visit when a baby can’t latch to an uncomfortable, swollen breast, and walk out leaving behind a baby suckling contentedly and a smiling parent!

I also specialize in identifying likely tongue and lip tie and connecting families with practitioners who can diagnose and treat it.

Bottle feeding may be an important part of feeding your baby and I’m happy to help you learn best practices that work for your family.

Finally, I have been trained in flange fitting and can help you figure out how to best use your pump!

Breastfeeding support in your home or virtually

My schedule is extremely flexible and I can almost always see you within a few days, including Sundays and major holidays. I do not work from Friday night to Saturday night, and I do not work on Jewish holidays. I serve all of King County from West Seattle to Sammammish, Des Moines and Federal Way to Shoreline, Vashon and Bainbridge, and all spots in between. I have colleagues all over the city and I love matching people up with another amazing IBCLC if I can’t help you.

I’m in network with Aetna and they normally cover up to six visits. With Aetna, I handle the billing. Premera BCBS through Amazon and Microsoft should reimburse you in large part on the basis of the Superbill I give you. As of January 1, 2023, I am now in network with Tricare. Tricare covers part of my fee for up to 6 visits. With BCBS and Tricare, you will pay up front and I will give you a Superbill to submit for reimbursal. I have applied to be in network with UHC as well.

If you are not in network with Aetna, text 206 353 9334 for the fees for in person vs virtual visits. I charge on a sliding scale, so if you honestly can’t afford my fee, I’m happy to work out a fee structure or payment plan that works for you.

Contact me for breastfeeding help!

Text or email me:; 206-353-9334. Let’s be honest, I don’t answer the phone. Every time I answer the phone, it’s someone wanting to talk to me about car insurance. Text me. I can’t wait to meet your family.

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