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Private Childbirth Classes

After 12 years teaching childbirth classes, this weekend I made a momentous decision. I will no longer offer my traditional 8 week class series. I will offer private, two or three weekend series for one or two couples on an as-needed basis. It’s been a joyous experience supporting hundreds of families over the years from belly bump to babies. I will be focusing my energies on growing my lactation consulting business, and expanding my prenatal breastfeeding classes. Thank you for the love and support along the way.

I will teach these classes in your own home.  For more information, go to class facts.

My teaching style is highly irreverent, fun, goofy, and sometimes, very intense. You will graduate class ready to give birth (or catch your baby) at home, at your birth place, or in a Denny’s parking lot.

The focus of Northwest Natural Childbirth is informed consent — being prepared for making decisions about your birth in partnership with your birth team. You’ll learn what goes on during a home birth, a birth-center birth, or a hospital birth; what partners can really, truly expect to experience during labor; how to cope with the normal sensations of labor; and how to enter labor as healthy as possible. We will also emphasize the normal course of breastfeeding.

This is not a sterile class. Expect much potty talk and graphic descriptions.

Contact me at; or call me at 206 353 9334 with questions and to schedule a class at your convenience.

A few words about insurance

The new Affordable Care Act contains a provision requiring health insurance companies to reimburse for expenses related to lactation support.  The intent of the law is for a trained professional to provide lactation support. Unfortunately, the crafters of the law did not specify IBCLCs. The insurance companies have seized on this distinction. Many are refusingContinue Reading

Your lactation consultant in West Seattle … and beyond

Breastfeeding is normal, and yet it can be challenging. Sometimes moms need help. I come to your home and work with you, your support team, and your baby/babies until you feel like you’ve figured things out. I’m experienced with helping moms with sore nipples, engorged breasts, fussy babies, babies who won’t latch, slow weigh gain,Continue Reading

Betsy’s Baby Services: Your source for childbirth classes and lactation consulting

Babies, birth and breastfeeding are my passion. I believe that every baby deserves a healthy start to life and every family deserves to be supported in the sometimes overwhelming adventure of new parenthood. Since 2002, I have taught childbirth classes and served as a La Leche League Leader helping families breastfeed. Most recently, I launchedContinue Reading

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