Childbirth Education

My teaching style is highly irreverent, fun, goofy, and sometimes, very intense. You will graduate class ready to give birth (or catch your baby) at home, at your birth place, or in a Denny’s parking lot.

The focus of Northwest Natural Childbirth is informed consent — being prepared for making decisions about your birth in partnership with your birth team. You’ll learn what goes on during a home birth, a birth-center birth, or a hospital birth; what partners can really, truly expect to experience during labor; how to cope with the normal sensations of labor; and how to enter labor as healthy as possible. We will also emphasize the normal course of breastfeeding.
This is not a sterile class. Expect much potty talk and graphic descriptions.

I offer childbirth education as a private, two or three weekend series for one or two couples on an as-needed basis. I teach these classes in your own home. For more information, go toclass facts.

Contact me at; or call me at 206 353 9334 with questions and to schedule a class at your convenience.

Inclusive Practice