Testimonials & Birth Stories

I am hoping that clients who have taken my classes will leave their comments here. One of my clients, who had some complications in the end of her pregnancy, had this to say:

“I only have wonderful things to say about Betsy’s class. I appreciated her teaching style – she uses a lot of pictures, charts, diagrams, and models for the visual learners, but also talks through all the material (I hate to say lecture, because it’s much more conversational than that) and does in-class, hands-on practice of relaxation techniques and labor “run-throughs.” I had absolute confidence in Betsy’s knowledge of the subject matter – she is a birthing guru!

My birthing experience was pretty far off our birth plan – I ended up with an induction at 39 weeks due to pre-eclamptic symptoms. I started with a Cervadil insert and a Foley bulb, then progressed to a Pitocin drip and eventually an epidural 44 hours in. Despite the fact that it didn’t go as we planned or expected, I was VERY glad that I had taken the classes from Betsy. I remain 100% convinced that the knowledge I gained from the classes as well as Betsy’s support and advocacy during labor and the lead-up to my induction (the midwives started pressuring me to agree to an induction about 2 weeks prior) was the difference between the labor and birth I had and a c-section.

My husband and I felt very well-prepared going into the birth and like we had been equipped to deal with every possibility. Betsy’s classes really are aimed toward a mom and a coach – both will get something valuable out of the class. I also was glad to have her help and advice when I was beginning to breastfeed. I’ve been quite fortunate and have not had any serious issues nursing my daughter, but simply knowing that Betsy was available to me as a resource gave me some peace of mind.

In short, I give Betsy’s classes my highest possible recommendation. I don’t believe you could find anyone better to help guide you through your birth.”

Kyle and his partner also had a birth that deviated from their expectations, but he had this to say:

“My fiancé and I took Betsy’s Birth Classes and could not possibly recommend her higher. The classes were incredibly informative and relevant and Betsy’s engagement and teaching was absolutely fantastic. Though the birth of our beautiful baby girl didn’t go as planned (I would imagine they never do) Betsy even supported us and answered our questions via telephone while we were in hospital. Being able to call her and talk through our experience was infinitely valuable and we would 100% recommend her course to anyone.”

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