Ione Violet’s birth

june 25, 2009

3:30am, water breaks.
mild cramping contractions, 8 mins apart, for about two hours, sleep in and between them. felt hungry. ate some cheerios. contractions subside and got farther apart. finally got up at about 7:30 to call doc. she’s surprised
we waited so long, but we felt calm, things were progressing slowly, why bother anyone so early…? she suggests we go to the hospital by 10am and get checked out.

10:15, check into triage at Swedish. contractions were regular and mild at about 7 mins apart for a steady hour. i felt every other one, didn’t realize i was having so many. they suggested we take a walk and come back by 1pm.

we went home, ate and walked sofie the dog around the hood.

1:15, back at hospital. contractions had slowed down to 10 minutes apart but had become more intense. they don’t know quite what to do with us. after 2 hours staring at a blank wall, they decide to check us into a birthing suite with the threat that if things don’t progress, we may have to discuss ways to ‘assist.’

3:30 in the birthing suite, things start to speed and my body obliges. my contractions rapidly changed from 10 to 7 and then 4 minutes apart within 3 hours. I am serious and silent with the exception of an uncontrollable primal
moaning. stewart was my anchor (whose hand is just starting to recover from my grip.) He needed to remind me to relax often, since i forgot at every chance.

5:30 cervix checked for the first time, 9 cm dilated.

6:15 contractions almost unbearable and coming on top of each other. a nurse suggested the tub, i rushed to it in the middle of a break, landing in water, hot and steamy. in transition now. feel caged, claustrophobic with nothing to
grasp for support, pain is unbearable, back to the bed…

6:30 full urge to push, everyone encouraged me to follow the signs my body was sending. so i started to push. contractions break up and come farther apart. every break is divine, every push is relief and excruciating simultaneously.

7:30 crowning, burning, crying.

8:30 birth and the greatest sense of relief i have ever felt brings me back.

baby girl put on my chest in all her messy gloriousness. 8lbs 5.5ounces 21 inches.

Thanks again! Your classes and mentoring have been instrumental throughout this whole life-changing experience and I am forever grateful!

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