The Birth of Ashlyn Maia

Born 7/5/2009 

Weight 7lbs 15oz

Time of Birth 3:54 pm

4th of July Fireworks on Lake Union

Brian and I were at a neighbors boat just about to view the fireworks, as they began I felt the desire to go back to our boat to be more comfortable, wasn’t sure what I as feeling but wanted to be home.  We climbed up onto our fly bridge and Brian snuggled me as we watched the show (the show was way better from here, just me and my girls together).  Soon after the show I felt some Braxton Hicks that were much more uncomfortable than usual and headed to bed to get some rest. Had a hard time falling asleep, intermittant.


woke Brian up, I was feeling nervous and unsure of what my body was doing.  I couldn’t tell if it was Braxton Hicks or Contractions.  Brian got a watch and began timing as they seemed to grow more intense.


we walk down the dock as the sky is just turning pink, get some fresh air and go to the bathroom.  My mucous plug along with bloody show comes out. We head back to the boat and start recording contraction periods (I did the recording, she did the contractions). They are getting more intense but are irregular, varying from 4 minutes to 8 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds. Brian begins to make me breakfast (totally messed up on the malto meal, oops, little nervous), and calls the Doula to check in. She says everything sounds good, just go with it and call her back if things change.  An hour later my whole breakfast comes up – yuck! (sorry Love)


Brian calls the Doula back letting her know contractions are getting stronger, I am having a hard time talking. She asks to listen while I experience a contraction, then gets on the phone with me telling me how to breath through the contraction.  She asks me if I want her to come, I’m not sure, and cant answer as I start another contraction.  (I take the phone from Bria and tell Kim to come on over, contractions have got down to 2-3 minutes apart and this is all progressing a little fast for me…help.  We both need it.) As soon as he gets off the phone though, the contractions go from 3 min, to 4 min, then to 6 min and finally to 8 minutes apart. I am eating frozen watermelon as I am still hungry and thirsty. Contractions are lasting 60 seconds. I am finding time to rest, but then throw up again after a difficult contraction.


By this time contractions are back to 4 to 5 minutes apart, I am having a much harder time with each one and need Brian to either hold my hands or press on my back through them. (I am still sorting away with a few things at the house and miss a few of Bria’s contractions.  Not a good idea, she has a much harder time with them if I’m not there.  My bad.) Our Doula arrives and Brian heads down the dock to let her in the gate. (It’s the most beautiful morning ever, pink and misty, definitely feels right.) Our Doula comes in with a smile and reassurance.  I am SO happy to see her.  She immediatly makes a lemon water drink for me since she is worried about dehydration because I have been throwing up.  She coaches me through my contractions, helping me breathe and relax, Brian is continuing to apply pressure to my back.


The contractions get stronger – I throw up again, just water and begin to dry heave and then go into another contraction. I ask if its time to head to the birthcenter, as I am nervous about having contractions like these in a car.  We discuss it, and then decide its the right time to go.  (Bria still wasn’t having spot on, consistent contractions and I was a bit hesitant to go.  But she was serious and knew what she needed to do, so we went with that.) I experience a contraction at the end of the dock, then another as we get to the car, and then 2 in the car.  I feel focused though, and am able to control my breath as Brian breathes with me and encourages me through each contraction.


Arrive @ the Birthcenter, a contraction in the elevator and then we check in.  They take us directly to triage to administer an Electronic Fetal Monitor.  I HATE the straps as it is impossible to move around as each contraction hits.  I am very annoyed with the nurse as she has 100% of her attention on the monitor and her tasks rather than what I am going through. They give me an exam which is uncomfortable, I begin to have another contraction that ends in me throwing up again and dry heaving.  I am 4cm dilated and am checked in to a birthing suite.


The next exam shows I am @ 5.5cm dilated and -1 station.  (I am definitely annoyed with the nurses persistent desire to exam and control the situation as Bria is doing great and her body language says she is getting the job done.) We decide to try the tub for some relief. The warm water feels good, I am curled up and then I feel claustrophopbic – I get out and as the contractions increase intensity my Doula coaches me to say yes and allow labor to happen.  Brian is right there telling me how proud he is of me, eye to eye with me breathing through each one. They haven’t been able to get a hold of my doctor and have sent someone else – I am discouraged. (This was a disappointment for me as well.  However, after meeting her and seeing she had more intuition as to where Bria was at and not interfering like the nurse, she was a welcome addition to the team.)


My contractions are changing, there are moments in the middle of them where I lose my breath and am bearing down.  I moan in between contractions.  Another exam shows I am @ 8cm and 80%, and close to 0. (I was glad the doc got involved here to check Bria out as she was bearing down and inadvertently pushing at points.)


my doctor arrives and I am thrilled!! (As am I, however, I was surprised at how much I liked the other doc and would’ve been just as content with her.  Though our doc stepped in right where the other left off and kept the nurse at bay, freeing me up to just focus on Bria.) She checks me and I am @ 9cm with a small lip but it is thin and if I feel my body wanting to push then to respond. Brian is by me with both my hands in his hands and still eye to eye with me so strong and encouraging. My Doula feeds me ice chips and presses on my back. The labor is hard!! My doctor stays back allowing the 3 of us to work through this part. I tell Brian no more kids after this – the rest will have to be adopted, he smiles and says ok.


PUSHING so hard, but doing my best to control my breathing, keeping it low, relaxing my body as much as I can and allowing labor to happen. My hands are numb from gripping Brian’s hands. (Your hands are numb, what about mine.  Good night, never felt such a grip.) I feel a freight train coming out but I don’t feel like I have the power to push it out.  Our Doctor tells me I am close as one of the contractions reveals the top of a head of black hair!!  She asks me if I want to reach down to touch the head but I can’t bear to let go of Brian’s hands, I feel like he is holding me together.  Each contraction is so hard, I am given oxygen as the baby’s heart beat slows during each contraction because of its intensity. I still have time between contractions to rest and gather strength before the next one comes on. (Bria has started to overwork each contraction and it takes me a bit to get her to relax after the contractions, the oxygen definitely helped with that, thanks doc!)


The head comes out, her shoulders get a little stuck and my doctor guides her out with my last push. Ashlyn Maia is born!

I roll over on the bed as she is placed on my chest. I am in love with her!!  (This is amazing, I’m overcome with emotion.  What to do?) She has the fullest head of black hair I have ever seen and blueish all over. Brian and I cuddle her in awe.    

 I am so thankful for my dream team, couldn’t have done it without them; husband to be my strength, doula to encourage and know the situation, doctor for allowing us to work and oversee when necessary.

 I am so proud of Bria.  She displayed her courage, strength and trust through this process.  She worked so hard and never gave up, I’m amazed.  She is my rockstar! 

 You mothers have really done some amazing work here.  You have poured out your love for your babies, from the pregnancy to the labor and now through your nursing and rearing.  Your love is priceless and sacrificial.  I am so thankful to be a witness of such great display of love. 


 Bria and Brian

Inclusive Practice